Open-Mindedness Resources

Having an open mind is not an easy or instinctive task. To maintain a mindset that is open to new ideas, people and experiences, it takes practice and conscientious thinking. In other words, you must actively try! The resources listed below can help you understand and continue your journey to having an open mind. 


1. Business Insider article:

This article details the personal benefits of having an open mind: happiness, creativity, and good health. There are linked sources within the article that contains other relevant information.

2. Harvard Business Review article:

This article gives relatable examples of open-mindedness as well as provides a short to-do list you can check off as you practice this mindset. There are additional relevant sources linked within the article, and you can check out more related content in their Psychology and Decision making sections.


This site is a hub focused on customer relationship management, and this article about open-mindedness is a lengthy dive into the psychology of being openminded. This site is very friendly and has creative graphics and color schemes that are appealing to look at. 

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