Fact Checking Resources

Fact-checking is an important step to take when it comes to dismantling misinformation. When you come across information that you aren't sure about, is highly debated, or just seems too good to be true, consider using the fact-checking websites listed below to verify your information. Knowledge is empowerment, and understanding truth is key to spreading information through communicative channels!

1. Snopeswww.snopes.com

Snopes, of Snopes Media Group, is one of the oldest sites dedicated to fact checking. Founded in 1994, their original investigative reporting and linked documents and sources pave the way for individual searching. Some of the website sections include:

  • Submitting a topic of your own

  • Seeing the Latest & Top subjects

  • Fact Checking

  • Collections & groups dedicated to specific subjects

  • News

  • Archives

2. FactCheck: www.factcheck.org

This nonpartisan, nonprofit organization is dedicated to misinformation in politics. The site has a wide yet specific variety of topics, from COVID-19 to climate change and everything in between. Some of the sections include:

  • About Us: research process, funding, staff, submission corrections

  • Umbrella topics

  • Ask a question

  • Featured posts

  • Quiz yourself

3. American Press Institute: https://www.americanpressinstitute.org/

This website is focused entirely on media and the press. Their easy to navigate, user-friendly interface helps the press deliver their message in an efficient way to their audience. Some of the sections include these topics:

  • Details about their work & staff

  • News strategies

  • Culture & skills

  • Accountability (including fact checking)

  • Credibility & trust

  • Newsroom analytics

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