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Talk. Hear. Infer. Note. Know.

The THiNK Campaign

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The THiNK Campaign is an initiative developed by students in the Advertising Practicum (MK498b) class at the University Massachusetts in Amherst as part of EdVenture Partners’ Invent2Prevent program.


THiNK stands for Talk, Hear, Infer, Note, Know, and captures our mission to prevent the harmful effects of misinformation by empowering our target audience through increasing both open-mindedness and critical thinking competence.  Our key message is ‘think critically, think kindly.’  By increasing exposure to new ideas as well as the ability and confidence to evaluate those new ideas, our curriculum helps students avoid falling prey to dis- and misinformation while also gaining new perspectives that allow them to take greater control of their lives.


The THiNK Campaign consists of a 5-lesson curriculum intended to be delivered within high school classrooms. All the materials can also be viewed online.  Each lesson contains discussion questions, in-class activities, and video lessons. "Reporter Zero", an interactive game helps students put their learning into practice, and our pre-and post-curriculum survey helps them reflect on what they’ve learned.


On our website, we offer a complete lesson plan designed for use in classrooms led by an instructor. The lesson plan is intended to cover the following topics:

  • Psychology terms & concepts related to beliefs & misinformation

  • Critical thinking skills such as fact-checking & how to examine headlines

  • Open-mindedness activities that focus on racism & discussing with those who are different

  • Dialectical behavior therapy

There are accompanying videos for each day's topic as well as a discussion guide with questions. The videos and questions together are meant to foster open-ended group dialogue, and there are additional worksheets for in-class activities, homework assignments, as well as an analytical pre- and post-survey that allow students to compare their responses before and after working through the curriculum. "Reporter Zero", an interactive video game created by our team, is currently available as well. Our social media pages also post additional tips and content for "outside the classroom". Lastly, we also provide a list of resources for fact-checking, open-mindedness, mental health needs, as well as our own list of sources we used to create The THiNK Campaign. 

Always remember to Think Critically, Think Kindly. Please reach out to us with any comments, suggestions, reactions, questions, and more!